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Cosy Bed

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Experience firsthand the transformative effect of the Cosy Bed—where your pet's stress melts away and is replaced by peace and playfulness. Bring home the Cosy Bed and watch your pet journey from stressed to relaxed.

Wrap your beloved pet in the comfort and tranquility of the Cosy Bed—a sanctuary designed to soothe and heal. Engineered for all breeds and ages, this bed is more than just a sleeping spot; it's a therapeutic retreat that promotes health and happiness in your pet's daily life.

Key Features:

  • Anxiety Relief: The Cosy Bed's unique hooded design mimics the warm embrace of a snug blanket, creating a secure and calming environment that effectively relieves anxiety and stress. The enclosed roof provides a safe space that helps pets feel protected, significantly reducing anxiety and enhancing overall mood.

  • Joint Health: Crafted with the finest plush and orthopedic materials, the Cosy Bed supports your pet’s body perfectly. Its design gently aligns the spine and relieves pressure on joints, which soothes joint pain and helps prevent the onset of arthritis—ideal for senior pets or those with mobility issues.

  • Behavioral Improvement: Tired or irritated pets can exhibit undesirable behaviors. The Cosy Bed offers a dedicated safe space for your pet to retreat and unwind. By providing a comforting spot for restful naps, it helps mitigate behaviors like chewing, scratching, and incessant barking or meowing.

  • All-Season Comfort: Designed for year-round use, the bed features a warm plush base with a breezily ventilated hood, ensuring your pet stays cozy in the winter and cool in the summer.

  • Machine Washable: Easy to clean, the Cosy Bed is ideal for maintaining a hygienic resting environment. It’s designed to withstand accidents, odors, and shedding, ensuring it remains fresh and inviting.

  • Durable and Safe: Constructed from chew-proof, yet breathable materials, the bed withstands the rigors of pet use while ensuring comfort.

Sizes: Available in multiple sizes to accommodate all breeds and ages, from the tiniest kittens to the most robust dogs.

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Cosy Bed

Our Charity Work

Helping Pooches As Best We Can!

Our Charity Work

Helping Pooches As Best We Can!

At PetPoochie, we donate 5% of the profits each month to a local dog charity (Dogs Trust).

The work they do in rehoming dogs and providing them with the care they need is incredible! It’s the least we can do support them for all the work they do.

When you make an order with us, not only are you getting a high-quality dog product but are also contributing to a greater cause.

Humble beginnings

Our Story

Humble beginnings

Our Story

Established in 2016, PetPoochie was started by a brother & sister duo (Alex & Jessica)to provide a ‘one-stop shop’ for innovative dog products. As a dog owner ourselves, we completely understand just how precious they are to our families.

Because of this, we strive to ensure that all of our products are made to the highest quality – as that’s what our Poochies deserve! Here are is a picture of our family pooch, Oscar!

Supporting a small family UK business.

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