5 Shocking Truths Revealed in 'Pet Fooled': The Documentary Every Pet Owner Must See

5 Shocking Truths Revealed in 'Pet Fooled': The Documentary Every Pet Owner Must See

If you're a pet owner, the documentary 'Pet Fooled' is an eye-opening and essential watch.

Directed by Kohl Harrington, this groundbreaking film peels back the curtain on the commercial pet food industry, revealing startling truths about what really goes into your beloved pet’s meals.

Here are the top 5 key takeaways from the documentary that every pet owner needs to know.

1. Misleading Marketing Tactics: The documentary exposes how pet food companies often use deceptive marketing strategies to promote their products.

Despite appealing packaging and claims of being “healthy” or “natural,” many commercial pet foods are far from it.

'Pet Fooled' encourages pet owners to look beyond the advertising and examine the actual ingredients and nutritional content of their pet’s food.

2. Questionable Ingredients: One of the most shocking revelations is the quality and source of ingredients used in many commercial pet foods.

The film delves into the use of by-products, fillers, and preservatives, some of which may be harmful to pets.

It challenges the common perception that all commercial pet foods are safe and nutritionally complete.

3. Lack of Industry Regulation: 'Pet Fooled' highlights the surprising lack of regulation in the pet food industry.

The film reveals that the standards and oversight are minimal, leading to questionable practices and products being readily available on the market.

This lack of regulation raises concerns about the safety and nutritional adequacy of many pet foods.

4. The Health Risks of Processed Pet Foods: The documentary links certain health problems in pets, such as allergies, obesity, and other chronic conditions, to the consumption of mass-produced pet food.

It presents evidence and expert opinions suggesting that some commercial pet foods may contribute to these health issues, rather than prevent them.

5. Alternative Diets and Nutrition: Lastly, 'Pet Fooled' explores alternative dietary options for pets, such as raw and homemade diets.

These diets are presented as potentially healthier options that can provide pets with better nutrition.

The film encourages pet owners to research and consider these alternatives, while also consulting with veterinarians to ensure their pets' dietary needs are met.


'Pet Fooled' is a must-watch for any responsible pet owner. It's an enlightening documentary that urges viewers to become more informed and proactive about their pets’ nutrition.

By understanding these five key points, you can make better choices for your pet’s health and wellbeing.

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