7 Tips For Getting Your Dog To Take Their Pills

7 Tips For Getting Your Dog To Take Their Pills

Getting your dog to take medication can sometimes feel like a magic act, especially if they've mastered the art of spitting out pills. Been there, done that? Here's some good news: there are several tricks you can use to simplify the process.

Here are 7 hassle-free strategies to ensure your furry friend gets the meds they need:

1. Start with a Clean Slate: Our dogs' olfactory prowess far surpasses ours. This means that the slightest hint of the medicine's smell on your hands can alert them to your intentions. Before attempting to give the pill, make sure to wash your hands thoroughly, ensuring that any traces of the medication's scent are entirely removed. This not only keeps your dog in the dark but also promotes hygiene.

2. Discover the Magic of Pill Pockets: Think of these as the 'Trojan horses' of the dog treat world. Pill pockets are soft treats specifically crafted to hide a pill inside. They come in a multitude of sizes and flavors, catering to even the pickiest of pooches. For example, the Greenies brand offers a variety of flavors and sizes, ensuring that the medicine is not just taken, but enjoyed!

3. Employ the Peanut Butter Ploy: Peanut butter’s gooey consistency acts as a natural adhesive, ensuring that the pill stays embedded within. The taste is usually irresistible to dogs, making it a great choice. However, it's crucial to ensure that the peanut butter you use is free from xylitol. This artificial sweetener, though harmless to humans, can be toxic to our four-legged friends.

4. The Art of Cheesy Camouflage: Who can resist the rich, creamy allure of cheese? Just like humans, most dogs find cheese irresistible. The softness of cheese allows for easy molding around a pill, concealing it effectively. So, when your dog eagerly chomps down on this treat, they're unknowingly taking their medicine too.

5. The Sausage Sneak Attack: Sausages and hot dogs often have strong, meaty aromas that can overshadow the scent of medication. For many dogs, the mere hint of these treats is enough to distract them from any hidden surprises. By concealing the pill inside a piece of sausage or hot dog, you're making the medicine both a treat and a delight.

6. Canned Food: The Delicious Distraction: If your dog usually munches on dry food, introducing them to the rich textures and flavors of canned food can be a gastronomic adventure. Nestling the pill within the moist food can make it almost undetectable, especially if your dog is keen on gobbling up this special treat.

7. Trust in the Pill Pusher: Despite the tricks up your sleeve, some dogs might just prove too cunning. For these smart canines, a pill pusher becomes invaluable. Designed like a syringe, it ensures the pill is placed deep within the dog's throat for easy swallowing. If the thought of using it seems daunting, don’t hesitate to ask your veterinarian for a demonstration or additional tips.

Keep the Mystery Alive: If your pet requires prolonged medication, it's beneficial to rotate your methods. Familiarity might lead to suspicion, so keep them guessing by switching up the techniques.

With a combination of cunning, patience, and these handy tricks, ensuring your canine companion takes their medication can become a hassle-free routine.

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